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Sale The Dhikr Art Print - Asheeq

The Dhikr Art Print


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Name: The Dhikr

Meaning: The Remembrance of Allah:

Subhan Allah (سبحان الله): Meaning Allah is perfect in an absolute sense without any defects or imperfections of any kind. Usually translated as Glory be to Allah.

Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله): Meaning all praise and thanks belong to Allah alone because He is the originator of everything. To praise or thank something is indirectly praising and thanking Allah because He is its true Creator. Usually translated as Praise be to Allah.

Allahu Akbar (الله أكبر): Meaning Allah is greater than everything else not just in your life but the entire existence. Usually translated as Allah is Great.

Significance: These three short words “SubhanAllah Alhamdulillah AllahuAkbar) take mere seconds to recite, yet they hold tremendous power, benefit and rewards for both the worlds. In a famous narration, Fatima (RA), the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) once asked him for a servant to help with house chores. He instead advised her to recite Subhaanallah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times, and Allahu Akbar 34 times.

Kufic calligraphy against a solid black background.

Material: The highest-quality giclee printing on the finest archival papers and professional ultrachrome inks.

Delivery information

Art Print - Delivered in 1-3 business days, priority within 2.

Canvas Print - Delivered in 3-6 business days, priority within 3.

Perspex Print - Delivered in 6-9 business days, priority within 6.

Wood Print - Delivered in 5-8 business days, priority within 7.

Metal Print - Delivered in 5-8 business days, priority within 7.

Frame and Print - Delivered in 5-7 business days, priority within 6.

Originals – Delivered in 14 days (arranged with customer individually).