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Looking at the words of the Holy Qur’an is in itself considered an act of worship and brings it’s own reward.

Asheeq creates artwork on various mediums to showcase the beautiful words of Allahu Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala in unique and uplifting ways.

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Meet The Artist

Combining age-old traditions with modern creativity, Fahmida Ashiq has developed and fine tuned her skills, to produce stunning Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy.

She has spent years researching and working in the field to deliver artwork that is truely spectacular.

She likes to involve the client on every bespoke order walking them through the creative journey ensuring the final hand crafted piece is exactly what the client wanted.

Whilst this process can take weeks, sometimes months, the original works are mesmerisingly beautiful.

For those that do not have the time or budget, Asheeq also offer the finest luxury prints in a variety of mediums.